The Lord used a worship service in Kirkland, WA to radically alter my view of His nature. As I truly, fully surrendered, worship was cemented in my mind as this sacred, holy, intimate interaction between God and His children and I have held to that view.

To me worship is a lifestyle of devotion and sacrifice. It’s also just spending time with God, engaging the deepest sincerest place in us to pursue and connect with the God of Heaven and Earth, our Maker and Savior.

I love how He uses music to woo us into His heart. There will be crazy days where my mind is cluttered with task lists or unfinished relational junk and I turn on a worship song or walk into a worship service and tears leap out of my eyes, my breaths deepen, the tension subsides, Holy Spirit is connecting my heart to Father God and I melt. The noise is replaced with songs of praise and the issues of the day become small. In our better or worse, our want or plenty, whether weak or strong, both now and into eternity He is worthy of our praise.


This playlist is a collection of recordings and demos from 2000 - 2007. More Than Life & I Will Remember were live recordings for Trinity Church. Most High & the 2001 songs are originals.
Our band The Ascenders was asked to create a version of Tis So Sweet for Blue Fish TV in 2008. Monty McCune arranged the music and I sang. Really fun project.